I was raised in Eastern Pennsylvania near the Pocono Mountains and began skiing and snowboarding before I went to kindergarten.  I developed a huge passion for snowboarding and convinced my parents to allow me to move to Vermont prior to high School to pursue a snowboarding career.   My passion continued to grow and I later relocated to Park City, UT when I was 17 and graduated high school through a cyber academy.  I was always interested in photography, however when I was living in Vermont I was traveling very often for snowboarding.  This is what led to me constantly having a camera on me and trying to document everything and everyone around me.  Between the nonstop traveling and always being around interesting people, I've remained very interested in photography.  Since snowboarding is a seasonal job, in the offseason I spend my days skateboarding and exploring, always behind the lens.  My photography opportunities have included real estate, product, portraits, landscape and sports related imagery.  I am currently living in Salt Lake City  where I am focused on my snowboarding career and constantly documenting photos of everything around me.